Metabolic Syndrome X Diet Plan and Treatment

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The following article on how to deal with the condition Metabolic Syndrome X by world renowned raw food expert and author David Wolfe.

Syndrome X (Metabolic Syndrome)

According to the 2003-2004 National Health and Nutrition Survey Examination Survey, about two thirds of the United States’ adult population is overweight – and fully one third of this group is obese. The percentage of overweight adults in the US increased from 44.8% to 65.2% from 1960 to 2002. During the same period, the level of obesity increased from 13.3% to 30.5%.

Somebody asked me why I believe we have an epidemic of obesity. That’s when I thought it would be important to discuss Syndrome X as this could be a syndrome that either ourselves or our loved ones are suffering from without knowing it. With more understanding about Syndrome X we create compassion for ourselves and others as well as gain greater understanding of how to strategically overcome Syndrome X with patience over time.

What is Syndrome X (Metabolic Syndrome)?

Decades of consuming conventionally-grown food, pesticide-sprayed and artificially-fertilized food, chemical preservatives and sweeteners, as well as literally being sprayed with chemicals beginning with DDT and automobile exhaust and now chemtrails has, over time, given rise to the development of a new syndrome, now known as – Syndrome X. It has been estimated that as many as 47 million Americans may be dealing with Syndrome X.

Syndrome X (or Metabolic Syndrome) is characterized by the inability to budge one’s metabolism no matter what techniques are tried. Syndrome X’ers usually have the following symptoms:

  1. Obesity (this is usually to such an extent that the individual has, in their heart, “given up.”).
  2. Thyroid disorders (likely caused by exposure to radioactive elements in the biosphere such as Uranium 238. Radioactive elements have been detected in conventional dairy products).
  3. Pre-diabetes hypoglycemia or diabetes type II (likely caused by too many refined carbohydrates, chronic mineral deficiencies, years of consuming toxic factory-farmed meat products, and the intake of trans-fatty acids over a lifetime).
  4. Immune System disorders (getting flus and colds each season may not sound like a disorder, but it certainly is symptomatic of a deficiency of the immune system due to Improper nutrition and vitamin and mineral deficiencies. With proper nutrition and a clever strategy as well as natural factors such as exercise, fresh air, and sunlight, we should be able to avoid all flus and colds. Immune system disorders felt by Syndrome X’ers appear to be getting worse).
  5. Low energy – Due to carrying extra weight and a toxic burden, as well as interference in ATP production due to improper nutrition (lack of zinc) and heavy metal exposure many Syndrome X’ers have to resort to stimulants such as coffee and cigarettes to keep going.
  6. Inflammation – This is likely caused by an elevated nanobacteria count (nanobacteria are calcium-forming organisms like microscopic clams that initially cause inflammatory problems and eventually form the calcium blockages that lead to a heart attack or stroke as well as arthritis. The likely source of the overexposure to nanobacteria is factory-farmed meat products such as chicken, pork, and beef). Nanobacteria find it easier to grow in acidic tissues filled with trans-fatty acids, heavy metals, and synthetic chemicals.
  7. Reliance (or addiction to) one or more pharmaceuticals. In a “Drug Free America” it is amazing how many people are addicted to “legal” drugs.

Metabolic Syndrome X Diet Plan and Treatment

The way to move Syndrome X off of one’s metabolism is to spend focused attention on the four following areas over a period of months or even years:

  1. Shifting to an alkaline, balanced diet of organic, enzyme-rich, raw and living foods, tonic herbs, and superfoods.

All the symptoms of Syndrome X are associated with hyper-acidity. This has been caused primarily by consuming junk food and non-organic food, eating chemicals, as well as an overall focus on a “root (potato products), seed (bread products), muscle (meat, chicken), glue-like (pasteurized dairy) diet.” The “root, seed, muscle, glue diet” lacks certain key foods that create alkalinity (or more specifically) an acid-alkaline balance.

The alkaline-forming, organic, raw foods that can be added immediately to balance out this type of diet include:

2. Detoxifying and cleansing the acidity present in the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of ourselves.

Acidity can also be created by other factors than food that should be cleansed in a step-by-step manner. These acid-forming factors include:

  • Chronic dehydration - In order to remain hydrated both pure water and some full-spectrum salts are required. Discover the best water available to you. Cold spring water at the source is the best type of drinking water. I recommend Celtic Grey Mineral Sea Salt to meet your salt needs. Celtic sea salt should replace rock salts and kiln-dried salts in your home (such Morton’s Iodized Salt).
  • Exposure to physical toxins - These toxins include chemtrails, pesticides, auto exhaust, nuclear fallout (depleted uranium 238 from the Iraq and other endless wars), as well as household toxins found in rugs and paint. Liquid Activated Zeolites play a critical role in helping to detoxify ourselves from these dangerous substances. 30-day detoxification systems such as the herbal EJUVA cleanse along with colon cleansing (colonics, enemas) also play a key role in helping our body dump toxins quickly.
  • Emotional toxins (parental and spousal abuse and sexual abuse) – This is one of the key aspects of overall healing. Releasing and healing parental and spousal emotional abuse and sexual abuse will do more for improving your diet and life than just about anything else. Working with others (counselors, friends, shamans, spiritual leaders, psychiatrists, etc.) to release stuck emotions is a critical part of the healing process.
  • Non-educational media (for example, the nightly news whose goal is to keep viewers hooked by a constant barrage of “shocking” bad news). The news is not the news, it’s the “olds” – the same old bad news. Turn off the news if you want to feel better.

3. Gradually stopping the intake of all pharmaceutical drugs.

Iatrogenic illnesses and deaths (caused by doctors due to inappropriate prescriptions and reactions to pharmaceutical medications and addictions) are now considered the third leading cause of death in the United States. The “pop-a-pill” culture drug concept and theory is completely bankrupt and totally incapable of dealing with the monumental challenges created by decades of massively toxic, chemically-sprayed and treated dead food, industrial toxins, charred petroleum debris in the atmosphere and soil, depleted uranium contamination, chemtrails, and massively contaminated municipal water systems (now known to contain drugs such as SSRI’s and synthetic antibiotics that reverse osmosis systems cannot filter out). Start healthy habits and stop taking drugs if you want to feel better.

4. Avoiding recreational drugs such as cigarettes and alcohol.

Abusing recreational drugs has been linked to nearly every health challenge known. Alcohol is a leading cause of dehydration, water retention, candida, bloating, inflammation, liver toxicity, nervous system disorders (schizophrenia), and vitamin B deficiencies.

Cigarettes become addicting because, due to stress (psychological) and poor nutrition (lack of vitamins and amino acids) vitamin B3 becomes deficient. Vitamin B3 or niacin is very closely related to niacinamide, nicotinamide, and nicotine. Nicotine from tobacco has the ability to “substitute” for Vitamin B3 in our metabolism. When we get Vitamin B3 back into our diet, this helps alleviate the desire for tobacco. The highest natural source of Vitamin B3 is the Amazonian Jungle Peanut. With the simple addition of one food like the Jungle Peanuts, relief can be felt from cigarette withdrawals.

Metabolic Syndrome X Diet Plan and Treatment Continued

At different events, conference calls, and shows I am often asked what foods and products I specifically recommend to help individuals combat Syndrome X. The first things I recommend are those items listed above; namely to add vegetables, seaweeds, sprouts, grasses, superfoods, and herbs to the diet. To expand a little on the superfoods and herbs, what you will find below is what I select to combat Syndrome X and at least part of the reason why I continue to make these available through


Amazonian Jungle Peanuts- A superb source of Vitamin B3. These peanuts and the peanut butter made from them are also wild foods with a high level of minerals and amino acids.

Cacao Nibs(raw chocolate pieces) – Chocolate always has been the #1 weight loss food due to its therapeutic content of magnesium, chromium, and iron.

Goji Berries – Goji berries are an extraordinarily nutritious, complete protein source. Goji berries taste great and make for a great snack, superfood alternative. Don’t be fooled by non-organic brands that are sprayed with sulfur dioxide. Go organic. Eat organic goji berries.

Maca- Maca helps to activate the glands and the endocrine system. The endocrine system includes the pineal, pituitary, thyroid, thymus, adrenals, ovaries, testicles, etc. Most Syndrome X’ers have glandular deficiencies (usually the thyroid). In addition, maca is excellent at increasing overall vitality and vigor. When maca is an aphrodisiac for you, then you know it is working.

Ocean’s Alive Marine Phytoplankton – This is the only bottled food product in the world that contains all known minerals. Mineral deficiencies cause us to continually eat until we get the minerals we are looking for. Because junk foods contains no minerals, eating them will never satiate the appetite. Mineral-rich Ocean’s Alive Marine Phytoplankton also contains EPA. EPA is an omega 3 fatty acid that is important for a healthy nervous system and brain chemistry. The GLA and phospholipids in the Phytoplankton have anti-inflammatory properties.

Herbs (Medicinal Mushrooms) and Botanical Supplements:

Reishi Gano 161 by Mushroom Science

Lion’s Mane by Mushroom Science

Agaricus H1X1 (the most powerful mushroom supplement available)

Syndrome X is often characterized by high amounts of tissue acidity. In order to create balance, alkaline nutrients, herbs, and superfoods are required. The Medicinal Mushrooms are the most alkaline of herbs. The Medicinal Mushrooms help restore a normal glucose metabolism as well as an active and healthy immune system. The polysaccharides in Medicinal Mushrooms also contain Ormus minerals that help bring “lifeforce energy” and “vitality” back into our bodies.

Beauty Enzymes – No weight loss program would be complete without enzymes. Enzymes are catalysts that help move a “stuck” metabolism. The key factor about raw and living foods and their ability to help get a Syndrome X metabolism going is their enzyme content. Supplemental enzymes like Beauty Enzymes make the difference and that is why the demand for this product is so high we can barely keep up with production. In terms of quality, there is no other product like Beauty Enzymes on the market. Test and you’ll be convinced.

Blue Mangosteen – Blue Mangosteen is perhaps the most potent natural anti-inflammatory botanical product on the market today that also fights debilitating nanobacteria.

DHA Algae Oil – DHA, like EPA, is an omega 3 fatty acid that is important for a healthy nervous system and brain chemistry. Long-chain omega 3 fatty acids like DHA are chronically deficient amongst the population, especially amongst long-term conventional-food consuming vegans and vegetarians.

Celtic Grey Mineral Sea Salt – Celtic sea salt contains four times the mineral content of any other salt including Himalayan salt (which is second best). Celtic salt is much fresher and more “living” than rock salts that come out of the Earth. A pinch or two of Celtic salt to a liter (quart) of drinking water can do wonders to increase your hydration.
Detoxification and Cleansing:

Liquid Activated Zeolites- This the most powerful single cleansing product ever developed. This product is proof that the more problems we face, the more powerful the solutions become. This product is the only product ever proven to remove heavy metals (mercury, lead, arsenic, cadmium, etc.) and volatile organic compounds (synthetically made chemicals that can interfere with a healthy metabolism).

Angstrom Zinc – Syndrome X’ers are typically chronically deficient in zinc. Zinc plays a critical role in energy production as well as detoxification in the human body. Angstrom Zinc comes in an easy to use liquid form. This is the most effective form of zinc we have yet found.

EJUVA – EJUVA is an entirely organic 30-day herbal cleanse that generally is “softer” than most cleanses of its type. It is designed to help turn candida into healthy digestion as well as help assist the healing of digestive disturbances – especially small and large intestine (colon) challenges. EJUVA can assist the removal of toxic, old waste matter from the body. It is common for those on the EJUVA cleanse to lose 20 pounds in a single month.
Psychological Support:

David Wolfe’s 21 Day Peak Performance and Weight Loss Program – If you enjoy the constant support and education provided by a reassuring voice that you can listen to at home, in your car, and/or with your iPod then this 21 Day Program will do wonders for you. Each day you select two cards from two separate decks and follow the instructions from there. This is an innovative, fun audio program that is guaranteed to entertain, empower, and educate as you lose weight and gain healthy habits.

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